Future Development Program

Identifying and preparing young athletes and coaches for elite basketball

The Future Development Program (FDP) is the entry-level tier of the Performance (talent) Program, focusing on the identification, support and development of athletes aged 12-13 years old, and on the development of aspiring talent coaches.

Program participants are introduced to aspects of BQ’s Style of Play and participate in a six week skill-based program and before attending an all-state development camp in August.

FDP is only a first step in athlete identification in the BQ pathway. Children develop at different rates over their adolescent years and non-selection in FDP is by no means the end of the high performance opportunities offered by BQ.

Program Selection

The FDP is an invitational program and there is no application form or process. Eligible athletes are selected from teams competing in regional competitions (SQJBC, CQJBC and NQJBC) after a selection process which includes consultation with Associations & observation in games.

Talent assessors include representative coaches, Directors of Coaching and an appointed BQ representative selection panel.

Athletes are assessed against selection criteria after viewing game performance. 

Selection Criteria

- Athletic Development

- Athleticism

- Coachability

- Skill level

- Game sense

Although a challenging task, the FDP serves to help identify potential state and national representative athletes at an age where skill development is crucial to an athlete’s future playing career.

FDP athletes are then further assessed after weekly training sessions and at our all-state camp with all athletes in attendance. Emerging athletes in the program are provided with regular advice and feedback on their skills and development to nurture their future development.

2023 Timeline - Term 3

FDP commences the week beginning 15 July in all regional centers & concludes with an FDP All State Camp from 4-5 September in Brisbane.

Coach development is also a major focus of FDP, with Basketball Queensland providing expert coaches and resources in the athlete’s respective regions, and support, training and mentoring for nominated ASPIRE coaches.

Program Objectives


Identify emerging & beginning talent


Introduction to BQ’s Style of Play


Introduce skills and training habits to underpin athlete future development


Introduce sport-general and sport-specific information and education

Future Development Program FAQs

The FDP is an invitational program and there is no application form or process. Athletes are assessed in regional and state competitions over a two-year period. If you aspire to the program simply get your child involved with an association and their representative level programs. As they get older other opportunities will arise.

We have records of all players registered in OUG and their playing numbers in all competitions. We seek input and information from Associations about their representative players and we regularly watch games.

A selection panel then gathers observation notes and lists players of interest and comments against the selection criteria. The selection panel then deliberates amongst the playing cohort for that age and the information gathered. If your child plays in regional or state competitions they will be seen if and when they are on court.

There is no consequence for missing out. All athletes remain eligible and can register and attend State Performance Program trials in the next age group (i.e. U16). This is a strength of the BQ programs and our talent identification process.

The FDP is a develop program which aids players development who meet selection criteria at the time the program runs.


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