Walking Basketball

What is Walking Basketball?

Walking Basketball is a slower paced, low impact, and social version of traditional basketball. It is a great way for people that usually lead a less active lifestyle to become active and improve their overall health.

Who Can Play?
This program is suitable for participants of all ages and abilities, from beginner to seasoned basketballer. It is also ideal for those that want to give basketball a go but might be intimidated by the pace and impact of traditional basketball. 

What Does a Session Involve?

Each session is usually an hour long and involves the teaching of some basic basketball skills, a Walking Basketball game, and then refreshments with your peers to conclude the session.  

Health Benefits

Not only are there the obvious health benefits from physical activity, but there are also other mental and social benefits: 

  • Play a fun game of basketball with peers to decrease social isolation 
  • Creates community belonging 
  • Sense of achievement from learning new skills 
  • Gain confidence in their bodies and their abilities 
  • Informal and relaxed structure that takes away the intimidation and anxiety that some participants may feel in other fitness settings 

Find a Program Near You

Check back in 2021 for a Walking Basketball program near you.

Walking Basketball EOI

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