State Performance Program

Developing & preparing young athletes to represent Queensland


The State Performance Program (SPP) involves the systematic and progressive identification, selection and development of athletes in Under 16 and Under 18 age groups, through to Under 20s, with the aim of preparing players to represent Queensland at the Australian Junior Championships (AJCs) across those age groups.


The program operates in two separate regions – north and south Queensland – to enable players to access specialized and dedicated individual and team resources, regardless of the athlete’s location in the state.

Athletes who meet the state selection policy criteria nominate & trial for selection through the OwnUrGoal platform and are assessed against state & national performance criteria before engaging in a dedicated training program ultimately leading to selection in the Queensland State team and experience at the Australian National level.


Identified athletes work on technical, tactical, physical, mental skills and concepts in a dedicated SPP by age program designed to improve both understanding and performance by each athlete within a team context for the duration of the SPP in their regional hubs. 


Each athletes performance history within FDP & SPP and at trials is recorded to assist assessment and ongoing selection as part of the selection process. SPP athletes are offered feedback on their development at the end of each cycle.


Selected athletes (a final 10) compete at national championship tournaments in their relevant age groups – Under 20, Under 18s and Under 16s is selected from SPP according to the BQ selection policy. 

The final state team of 10 for the Australian Junior Championships is selected by an independent chaired panel familiar with the National standard after a selection camp and SPP training and viewing Regional and State championship games.

Basketball Queensland has a proud history of good performance and medals at Australian Junior championships and athletes selected for National Squads and Centre of Excellence.


New and younger athletes are given representative experience by being selected for an Emerging Team to further develop each athlete’s skills and game awareness against tough & challenging opposition beyond a state age Championship level. Emerging team programs are normally for U15 and U17 and selected from either FDP and/or SPP athletes.


State team and Emerging Team coaches are provided with National best practice training, sport-science resources, in addition to ongoing technical tactical support from the State Performance Manager. They also have access to the Aspire Coach workshops to assist with their development.

Program Objectives


Identify athletes displaying the characteristics and ability of an elite athlete at Regional & State Championships, SPP trials and through the Future Development Program,


Transition ‘potential’ into ‘talent’ by developing, reinforcing and monitoring positive training habits & providing progressive technical and tactical instruction to SPP athletes


Increase training contact time with expert coaches under the direction of State Performance Manager.          


Educate athletes about sports science and sports medicine and how it relates to their own performance.                         


Effectively prepare athletes individually and as a state team for National Championships, both in their home environments and through centralised camps or well-planned program.


Provide effective performance and coaching support for State Team coaches


Prioritise and Improve the preparation and development of lower-age players


Provide regional support for identified talented SPP coaches and athletes through a remote management plan, including the use of the BQ OwnUrGoal APP and other technology

For more information about the State Performance Program please contact:

BQ State Performance Coach - Jamie Petty -

For registering to trial technical support please contact:

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response from OUG Support.


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