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SPP Trials - Pre Selection

All athletes wanting to be selected into SPP must register to trial, regardless of whether or not they have been in the program before. 

All the registered athletes will then trial and are assessed against the selection criteria (outlined in the the BQ SPP Player Selection Policy) and a decision is made. 

Trials are advertised on the SPP page of the BQ website and in the BQ website calendar.

U18 trials are normally held in September while the U16 trials are held in January and prior to State Championships each year.

Specific dates and locations are listed on the website and promoted on BQ socials media. Make sure you are following the BQ Facebook for trial information.

Trials are advertised via the BQ Website, on social media and an email is sent to all eligible athletes. You will not receive an email from BQ about trials if you have unsubscribed from our mailing list.

Associations are reminded of the dates to communicate to their representative teams as well.

You aren’t invited to trial by email or otherwise as trials are open to every player in that age group. 

Athletes who register to trial are charged $80, which includes the supply of a uniform to all registered athletes. Athletes who are selected into SPP will then receive free coaching for the duration of the program with no further cost.

There is an additional cost if an athlete is selected for and accepts a place in a Queensland State Team, separate to SPP.

SPP trials are open to all age eligible players to help you assess your own ability in comparison with other athletes of the same age. You may be in the second team because of your age and stage of development.

There is no rule that prevents lower division athletes attending. The trials are open to any registered member of Basketball Queensland.

Athletes from lower divisions teams or associations with few members may get more exposure to help their development at an open trial. This may not occur as a second team rep player.

Athletes develop at different rates and the selection criteria for a representative team is different to those of the SPP. 

SPP Squad Selection

Trial athletes are assessed against the five selection criteria.

Their stage of development and birthdate is recognised as well as their athleticism (speed/agility/endurance).

The athlete’s skills are assessed as is their game sense and involvement rate. Their application and attitude are assessed as part of their coachability and stage of learning assessment.

Please remember that final selection is a choice not only against the selection criteria but through comparisons and alternative athlete choices and to established State level standards.  

Approximately 25 – 20 in each age group U16 or U18 in each gender and for both North (30) and South Qld (30) subjective to standards.

That is approx. 120 (60M/60F) x U16’s and 120 x U18s.  

Please remember that final selection is a choice not only against the selection criteria but through comparisons and alternative athlete choices and to established State level standards. 

The final SPP squad is a mixture of both bottom and top age athletes and not restricted to the oldest in each age group. Selectors look closely at bottom age athletes and athletes with a late month DOB.

Of a squad of 30 at least a third is bottom age in SPP but this varies and depends on those who try out and their specific attributes and abilities.  

Yes. Selection panels & BQ staff watch regional and state competition games regularly and annually across U14, U16 & U18 age groups in both South and North QLD.

Prior knowledge and observation of athletes in competition and programs then also comes into consideration. Over time athletes are seen regularly over two to three years. Game statistics from BQ competitions is also referenced but are not the main assessment data. Late developers and players new to the sport are also noted. 

Only as a reference for standard but SPP selection is focused on the individual up for selection not the rep team.

The focus is on the individual not the team results. The standard and results of your rep team are an indicator of comparative standard of teams but not of individuals.

An individual’s game sense and skill level are only two of the selection criteria. Some bottom age players may be not playing a lot because of their age or stage of development. These things are also noted when watching rep teams.  

Of course, that is recognised! However, the objectives of the SPP are also clearly stated and the “best” player is really only a subjective judgement based on that team solely.

SPP selection is a merit-based process with performance attributes identified through the selection criteria.

Ultimately the SPP is a development program which is also designed to identify not only the best players but ultimately the best team and the right team to participate at an AJC with a long-term view for talent development to national standards. 

Athletic development and stage of physical development is a selection criterion for SPP just as are the other four selection criteria of athleticism, game sense, coachability and skill levels. The objectives of SPP are clearly stated on the website SPP page.

Coaches and selectors try and keep an open mind when identifying athletes because they individually have different attributes including athletic development. 13 – 16 year olds certainly develop at different rates.

Just because an athlete has played basketball for a relative long time doesn’t mean they have an advantage for SPP selection as Basketball is a late specialisation sport. Athletes develop at different rates and with different attributes including height. 

About the Program

Basketball Queensland delivers a High performance pathway system for talented and aspiring athletes. The State Performance Manager (SPM) and a team of State Performance Officers (SPO’s) are the BQ staff responsible for organising SPP trials, training and coaching and communicate with the respective regional SPP hub regarding the program.

Only in regards to training hubs and travel.

Because of the vast area of central and north Queensland (described as North Queensland) training is organised in Regional Hubs in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Rocky/Gladstone.

In the south SPP athletes from throughout SEQ travel from Gold Coast or Sunshine coast or greater Brisbane to all train together as SPP. All hubs receive the same amount of free training & coaching. 

A minimum of 12 sessions are delivered per term for SPP. This is normally two sessions per week for a six week period within a school term.

SPP U18 is Term 4. SPP U16 is during term 1 & 2. 

Session times depend on your locality and training HUB. Sessions are 90 min to 120 min per session depending on whether it’s before or after school or weekend.

A BQ training uniforms are supplied at the trials. You wear them throughout the program.

SPP and State Teams

The SPP is the greater squad of approximately 30 training regularly on their skills & learning the Queensland Style of Play (SoP). The State team is the final team of ten athletes chosen to represent Queensland at the U16 & U18 Australian Junior Championships.

By constantly developing their skills and physical abilities. Athletes develop at different rates physically and skill wise: so the secret is to persist in search of the goal and invest time on individual development apart from the normal team training.

Athletes performance data/attributes are compiled over time and a selection panel establishes a depth chart for each age group. Athletes who meet the selection criteria are closely observed. A selection panel then makes the final decision.

If your child plays with an association in regional or State competition they will be identified and assessed and then progress through the BQ high performance pathway & possibly represent Queensland. 

Any player who registers for SPP trials and is not selected in SPP but plays at that state championship and remains eligible for state team consideration. Non registered SPP trialists are not normally not eligible for final state team selection.

The final 15 players selected to attend the State Team Selection Camp are normally invited from the SPP group.

For more information about the State Performance Program please contact:

BQ State Performance Manager - Luke Cann -

For registering to trial technical support please contact:

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response from OUG Support.


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