National Performance Program

Developing Queensland's top basketball athletes to represent Australia


The top tier of the Basketball Queensland (BQ) elite development pathway, the National Performance Program (NPP) is a dedicated and intensive program for Queensland’s elite basketball athletes, providing development, training and support for athletes identified or potential to be identified, at the national & international level.

BQ, in conjunction with Basketball Australia’s (BA) Centre of Excellence (CoE), identifies Queensland’s elite junior basketball athletes for selection into the NPP each year. The aim is to identify international standard athletes & prepare them for selection into the Australian Under 17 and Under 19 Junior teams, or for a scholarship at the AIS as part of BA's CoE.

The BQ NPP is a decentralised program and operates in both South & North Queensland for identified athletes.

Training Focus

Training programs focus on individual physical skills, technical skills, and tactical knowledge at the international level. Each NPP athlete receives individually customised training programs, with a team of dedicated coaching, sports science, and other support staff through BQ and the Queensland Academy of Sport managing each player’s training, work, and study commitments, to give athletes every chance of success.


Australian National teams operate internationally on three-year cycles and as such national identification is based upon athletes’ DOB as determined by the international competition calendar & for building to World Championships at U17 & U19 age levels.

Currently, this is U16, U18 BQ age eligible association teams and for athletes, meeting the stated National selection criteria.

Athletes must be Australian residents & eligible for or hold an Australian passport.

Selection Criteria

2023 NPP Groups and Service Levels:

NPP Freshman: Born 2009  |  NPP Sophomore: Born 2008  |  NPP Junior: Born 2007  |  NPP Senior: Born 2006

BQ and BA selectors will identify athletes from their applications who best fit the future Boomers and Opals characteristics, ability to play at an international junior level and improve the quality of the overall BQ state program.

Selected athletes will have the potential to be identified for or have been identified for the following national teams or programs: - Under 17 Crocs (men) and Under 17 Sapphires (women) - Under 19 Emus (men) and Under 19 Gems (women) - CoE or NBA Global Academy Scholarship.

The International athlete attributes

When evaluating players for High-Performance programs, the following attributes can be used as a guide to help determine the value of a selection. A player can show exceptional ability in one area and that be enough to be identified as a future opal or boomer. The more attribute a player displays, the more likely he or she is at being a successful international athlete. It is important to understand that the player will be viewed and treated as a 365 athlete (multi-purpose) and shouldn’t be labelled due to size, speed etc.

• Physical attributes - Exceptional athlete – speed, size, length, vertical leap, anticipation, endurance

• Psychological attributes (off court) – Growth mindset, resilience, mental toughness, competitive mentality, and internal drive

• Psychological attributes (on court) - Court awareness, decision making, “feel” Basketball IQ,

• Technical ability (skillset) – High level shooter under pressure, passing and reads, dribbling and creativity, footwork and counters and skill versality (position less skills)

• Tactical ability (student of the game) – ability to learn and transfer different concepts and systems into practise and game play

• Culture and Community – Understanding of a “Team First” culture and willingness to play a role for the success of a team

Application Process

Athletes wishing to enter the National Performance Program must provide an application. There are two windows for applications,

July 16th (Mid-year intake) At conclusion of U18/U16 National championships athletes who perform over this period will be asked to apply for NPP, if available positions exist within the program. Athletes need to be age eligible and identified under the selection criteria.

October 31st (Main intake) All athletes who fill the 2024 age criteria are free to apply and existing athletes must apply for re-submission into the program.

For more information about the National Performance Program please contact:

BQ State Performance Manager - Luke Cann -


Logan Metro Sports & Events Centre
357 Browns Plains Rd
Crestmead, QLD 4132


P: (07) 2113 4835
PO Box 534,
Capalaba QLD 4157

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